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Create long term client relationships that are based on the superior delivery of technology based products and services.
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Welcome to Stinger Technology !

Stinger Technology, Ltd. (STL) is a consulting company. We provide two types of services: IT consulting and development outsourcing service, and communication services for our clients who are involved in China or with Chinese companies.

Our IT consulting service provides technical solutions for our clients. By working with Stinger Technology, the clients get access to an experienced team of software developers, project managers and architects. These team gives them access to technology expertise that would be difficult to reproduce with in-house talent. Through Stinger, clients take advantage of our advanced project management capabilities, which provide them with accurate project implementation and completion deadlines.

Our communication service helps our clients who do business in China or with Chinese companies to communicate more effectively. Good communication is essential and paramount to the success of any enterprise. In communication across different countries with drastically different languages and cultures, a hurdle is often a language barrier and/or a lack of sound understanding of the cultural and social norms on at least one side, where the two are tightly intertwined, and are the two sides of the same coin. Merely knowing both languages syntactically well is not good enough, unless one possesses sound understanding of cultural and social norms on both sides well; and understanding the latter well is not good enough, unless one can understand and express well in both languages. Stinger Technology can help our clients by bridging that communication link across different linguistic and cultural realms, providing high quality services that add value to the operations of our clients. With the help of Stinger Technology, our clients may become more successful in their business dealings.

Stinger Technology can start from a detailed software specification, or from a loose set of ideas, that we will help our clients to formulate and develop into requirements. We will then managed the project, staff the team, test the application and deliver the solution to our clients.

Stinger's Technology services provide our clients a lower cost alternative to internal development. This allows clients to focus their current resources on continuing operations and frees them from searching for difficult-to-find technical resources.

Stinger Technology is a world-class company that selects only experienced professionals who are respected by their peers for delivering high-quality services and projects on-time and on-budget. Our technical staff prides themselves on maintaining a broad, cutting-edge skill set so they can add maximum value for our clients.

All Stinger Technology technical employees have taken a quality-focused, data-driven project design and development approach. With technical directors on-site, our unique corporate culture demands that we deliver the best solution for clients’ long-term needs, not a quick fix. Drawing on STL staff’s rich experiences, we help our clients identify and achieve solutions that best fit their needs.






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